Addressable LED Strip Lights for Three Weapon Scoring Box

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Wireless Display for Three Weapon Scoring Box

Simple, but Effective Tournament Lighting

With the addition of some addressable LEDs and another power source you can have some pretty cool lights. The photos show a four metre strip (cut in half) with 60 LEDs per metre, and IP65 rated.

You may need to alter the sketch, for example if you have a different number of LEDs, or a different model of addressable LEDs. The comments in the code (for the 3 Weapon scoring box) are hopefully clear enough to follow.

Parts for LCD Strips

  • Addressable LEDs
  • Power supply is 5V, a USB hub or phone charger should be fine, as long as you don't have too many lights.
  • optional 3D printed junction box for the addressable LEDs. This hides the ends of the LED strips, the data line and ground from the Arduino, and the 5V power supply.


  • Three wires come from the Arduino:
    • Ground, and this is also the ground for the external power supply (the Arduino won't drive all those LEDs reliably)
    • Red data - colour data for the RED string
    • Green data - colour data for the GREEN string
      Note: You are not restricted to solid red, green or white lights. Each LED is fully addressable and can be controlled independently - refer to the on-line documentation for ideas, such as using them for sensory lighting, mood lighting, sound activated disco lights, and so on.
  • Each strip has three connections: +5V from the power supply, Data from the Arduino, Ground used by Arduino and power supply.
  • The scoring box is not dependent on the lights, so if you put a plug/socket inline you can use the standalone box for training, and connect the lights for special events.
  • You can use a transparent or translucent tube for extra protection, as well as keep them straight.

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Wireless Display for Three Weapon Scoring Box

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