The following are links to PDF pages of Oban tides for the 2018 season (April-October) with a variety of corrections, in particular for tidal gates around the Sound of Jura.

  • tides.pdf - A4, 9 to a page
  • tides_kindle.pdf - for mobile devices such as phones and Kindles, one tide per page .. so more than 900 pages.

The tables were created as a personal quick reference to save me having to repeatedly do the calculations. I don't recommend printing the docs as there are over 100 pages in the tabultaed version, and more than 900 pages in the Kindle verson.

Caveat: The information in the documents has been extrapolated from a variety of sources for my own use, and no warranty is given for its accuracy. Please apply common sense and seamanship - remember, just like investments, tides can go up as well as down.

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