.. touchscreen control of Raspberry Pi


eGalax Touchscreen

I'm using a touchscreen monitor, 10" Lilliput with eGalax overlay. Y

If you have a touch screen, connect it and examine the output of dmesg or lsusb .. eGalax should be obvious.

To get it running, download and unpack the manufacturer's drivers, then run the setup script. Follow the prompts (I answered 2 to the number of controllers so that input can be from touchscreen or mouse/keyboard .... I think .. but it works)

wget http://home.eeti.com.tw/web20/drivers/touch_driver/Linux/20120910/\
gunzip eGTouch_v2.5.2107.L-ma.tar
tar -xvf eGTouch_v2.5.2107.L-ma.tar
cd eGTouch_v2.5.2107.L-ma
chmod +x setup.sh

then rename the config file:


then edit the renamed file

vi /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/01-egalax-virtual.conf

and insert the following secition (I put it at the top, but shouldn't matter):

Section "InputClass"
        Identifier "calibration"
        MatchProduct "eGalax Inc.|Touchkit|eGalax_eMPIA Technology Inc."
        Option "SwapAxes"    "1"
        Option "InvertX" "1"
        Option "InvertY" "1"
       Option "Calibration" "40 2000 60 1950"




- SwapAxes is true because up went right and right went down
- InvertX and InvertY are true because up/down and left/right were A over T.
- the Calibration figures Xmin Xmax Ymin Ymax were trial and error that worked for me.

there's an xinput_calibrator tool that may make things easier, but it didn't help me


Virtual Keyboard

You've gone to all that bother to sort out a touchscreen monitor so that you don't lose your mouse or keyboard overboard (.. wireless mice neither float nor swim, they just leave you with a couple of gurgles as a reminder of their passing)  .. so how are going to write those emails, or add notes to your log?

Install Matchbox, a basic but effective virtual keyboard for the Pi:

sudo apt-get install matchbox


Want a desktop icon?

 cp /usr/share/xsessions/matchbox.desktop /home/pi/Desktop



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